Monday, 16 May 2011

The Point

So whats been happening in May. Well i made a start on my sketchbook for The Arthouse Sketchbook Project. The cover i kept simple with just the two main characters of the story, the boy Oblio and his dog Arrow. Again i wanted to draw in a simple way to give it a childrens book theme. My initial inspiration was a character that resembled Link (legend of Zelda) Ico and the Moomins and Noggin the Nog. I don't normally colour and the inside will be wholly black and white but i wanted to colour the cover, sticking to the animated version of the point for the colour of Arrow.
 I also joined and i was asked to take part in a vending machine art project based in London. I'm slowy working away at Bostin Heroes (two pages complete!) and i've done some more drawing for Simon and the Sundial.
 I hope i've not taken on too much and that i can meet all deadlines! If others out there have huge workloads share your burden and feel free to unload, I'm right there with you!

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