Saturday, 21 January 2012

new work

This is the first strip i've done for a third issue of 'Mutual Slump'

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Photo Research

Today i met up with Daniel in Newcastles city centre to take photographs for the three page strip i'll be doing for 'Sugar Glider Stories 2'. We had to take alot of photos of streets and landmarks to give the strip the right feel of how deeply rooted this comic is into it's northeast setting.
 I also painted over the cover of my sketchbook project book and i'm now half way through completion of the book which i'm very pleased with.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Lost in Tunnels

I finished doing a front cover today for my ThoughtBubble comic. The comic will be a collection of my best work so far, so a kind of one person anthology. It will contain both Tracks and both Gretchin sketches plus some new material. The idea is that rather then having lots of little bits on sale at the comic con i can have just one bumper comic showcasing my work. Since most of my comics have sold around the NorthEast i dont see a problem with re-using some old stuff to sell in Leeds. I've given it the title 'Lost in Tunnels' I started drawing it at PaperJam the other night and finished on my break at work!

Thursday, 26 May 2011


I'll be attending this years Thoughtbubble comic con in Leeds. I'll be sharing a table with the very talented Martin Edan creator of the comic 'Spandex'. You can view all exhibitors on the thoughtbubble site it's really exciting as i have two pictures on the exhibitors page. As well as i Simon and Sundial picture linking to this blog i also created the logo for Cottage Industry Comics.
 This will be the first year exhibiting my own material as last year i worked the 'Paperjam comics collective' table which exhibited all the artists from our group in the NorthEast.
 I've also been working today on a pitch book for Simon and the Sundial to hopefully send to possible publishers. Of coarse the real work will be between now and November when Thoughtbubble will be.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Point

So whats been happening in May. Well i made a start on my sketchbook for The Arthouse Sketchbook Project. The cover i kept simple with just the two main characters of the story, the boy Oblio and his dog Arrow. Again i wanted to draw in a simple way to give it a childrens book theme. My initial inspiration was a character that resembled Link (legend of Zelda) Ico and the Moomins and Noggin the Nog. I don't normally colour and the inside will be wholly black and white but i wanted to colour the cover, sticking to the animated version of the point for the colour of Arrow.
 I also joined and i was asked to take part in a vending machine art project based in London. I'm slowy working away at Bostin Heroes (two pages complete!) and i've done some more drawing for Simon and the Sundial.
 I hope i've not taken on too much and that i can meet all deadlines! If others out there have huge workloads share your burden and feel free to unload, I'm right there with you!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Simon and the Sundial to be online comic

I met up with Daniel yesterday to discuss more on this project. Daniel has written out the story in scenes and we went over all details before we start to script it. It was also decided that we would make it into a online web comic although i'm not sure yet how this will be done.
 We'll be posting it in segments so i will post links when the first part of the comic is finished.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012

Last year i signed up to do the Sketchbook project for the Arthouse in Brooklyn. The idea is that you fill a moleskin sketchbook with a chosen theme and post the book back. It then joins all the other sketchbooks on a tour across galleries in America before coming to its final stop in the Arthouse libiary. All the books are barcoded so you can see who checks your book out.
 Last year i didnt finish my book and i blamed chosen a random theme and getting 'things found on resturant napkins'. The truth is though that i put other projects before it and let it fall to the waste side, but this year will be different, i've chose my theme this time around. My book is titled 'Fill me with stories' and i will be completed a visual story to Harry Nilsons album 'The Point'. I already have some good ideas planned out and want to merge a style similiar to Joshua W.Cotter's 'Driven by Lemons' and Taiyo Matsumoto's 'Go Go Monster'
 If you want to join me on doing the sketchbook project you can find out more at Good luck.