Sunday, 27 February 2011

Character design of Simon

Here are two more character design drawings i did for 'Simon and the Sundial' both being of Simon and his girlfriend Sundial! The image with the partners linked has Sundial in the classic Superman pose with the twist that she has her hand playfully linked into Simons arm making him the masculine figure and her the more submissive. Im quite happy with both drawings and its nice to see the characters starting to come to life

Monday, 14 February 2011

Simon and the Sundial

Well we now have a working title 'Simon and the Sundial' for the project im doing with Daniel. Today i submitted two character designs for our superhero family but i must stress that this is not a superhero comic. The main female role of Sundial was fun to design. The concept was always to draw people who just looked like they happened to have costumes on, so she is typically attractive, but i've stayed away from the big bossomed harlet and broken up that perfect smile with making her a little too toothy. Sundials brother Mapman is as simple a design as it looks, the outline of a body drawn over a series of maps. He's like a geographic rawshak!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I had my first comics interview

As i have mentioned i've been lucky enough to have contributed to the 'Sugar Glider stories' comic featuring other comic artirts like Martin Eden (Spandex) and Graham Pearce (Sgt Mike Battle). My role was a poster page and with the poster finished and submitted i was asked a series of questions on the project my Gavin Jones co-host of 'The Sidekick Cast'. The full interview along with the interviews of other artrists on the comic can be viewed on Daniel Cliffords blog (writer of Sugar Glider) at

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I started playing around with some styles to bring to this comic that im drawing with Daniel. I liked the idea of putting characters drawn on white paper on a black background to give the images more pop. In pitching my idea i drew a couple of scenes that showcase this style. The arm doing the punching i made bolder to give the image more action. In the bar scenes i tried two different looks the first with only the two main characters in white, so that the 'extras' of the scene would blend in with the background. In the second scence i drew all the characters on white paper. I personally prefer the second image having all people on white. I made this image by drawing the whole thing one white paper and photocopying the image, that way i could cut out with a craft knife the parts i wanted to use.