Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sugar Glider Poster

The start of the new year has seen the release of 'Track 2' and the other project i've been working on is a pop poster for the 'Sugar Glider' comic. I really wanted to take on a graphic design approach to this poster and apply the elements i found stand out the most from the SG story. What i love about Daniel and Gary's comic is the Newcastle landmarks playing such a key role in this superhero story.
 My first step was to practise drawing the character, having not drawn a costumed character before. The sketches (one of which can be seen here) were placed on the fan art section of the SG facebook page. My approach for the poster was to marry to two key elements of character and city. I tried doing a sketch of the centre of life with Susie running across the roof but the character element was lost in the scenery and it became a picture of the building rather then Sugar Glider.
 What came next was the idea of climbing, so as research i got myself a copy of a very good magazine called 'Climb' and went searching for buildings to use. Daniel took me down a alley! and showed me a great building with a beautiful art decor arch with a vampire rabbit above it. This will be the focal point of the picture hopefully blending both Susie and the rabbit!

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